Stories about how we get our ideas across and how we are perceived.

Jun 222012

Today, finding influentials is all the rage. Companies such as Klout are trying to measure “influence scores” for people in social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, and brands are using this information to target them with advertising. Beyond marketers, parents are interested in whether their children’s peers influence education outcomes; managers are interested in whether workers’ colleagues influence their

Jun 192012

An examination of past Olympic Games television coverage shows notable differences in the way sports commentators talk about athletes, depending upon the athletes’ races, gender and nationalities.

Two studies by University of Delaware professor James Angelini published this month in academic journals show particular biases. The first details differences in coverage of male and female athletes.

Jun 102012

Across many studies, research has shown that deliberate suggestion can influence how people perform on learning and memory tasks, which products they prefer, and how they respond to supplements and medicines, which accounts for the well-known placebo effect. But what can explain the powerful and pervasive effect that suggestion has in our lives?

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