Jun 152012

Sexting – sending provocative pictures from a phone or computer is all too easy, but if the pics are of someone underage then you can get into deep trouble, even if it’s you. So how much is going on? The latest US figures are a little alarming for parents. Nearly 20% of students at a US high school had sent, 40% had received.

As Lance Armstrong faces repeated allegations about blood doping, research says that EPO may help a lot of us. EPO a hormone that makes you want to exercise harder.

There’s psychological distress in women associated with men not doing their share of housework? This needed a scientific study? The distress comes if there’s perceived inequality in the relationship).

 A father’s love can be more important that a mother’s love?  Rejection by the father (or dominant partner) more damaging to children – study is really about negative effects of repeated parental rejection.

And finally why does some music that sounds off really affect us? It mimics the sound of distressed animals.

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